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Renewal of February 12, 2009

Vietnam basic information is raised.

It is the newest information by the Japanese from local Vietnam.

The telephone of Vietnam

How to telephone

[How to telephone from vietnam to Japan]
00 (international phone call identification number)

81 (country number of Japan)

Number [ of the partner point ] *
* Take "0" of the beginning of a long-distance number.

Example: When a telephone number of Japan is missing from the direction of 03-1234-1234
It is alike.

[How to telephone from Japan to Vietnam]
Number (unnecessary, when having registered with "my line"'s and international classification) 001 KDDI of an international phone call company, and 0033 NTT Communications and 0041 Japan Telecom, 005345 au (carrying), and 009130 NTT DoCoMo (carrying), 0046 border phon (carrying)


84 (country number of Vietnam)

Long-distance number

The telephone number of the partner point
* au is 010 needlessness.
* Prior registration is required for NTT DoCoMo and a border phon.

Vietnam basic information

It is related with a telephone and the Internet.

Use of a cheap prepaid card is advanced.

bukistel etc.

  • Updating schedule
  • Potential capability of Vietnam.
  • Access to Vietnam.
  • Vietnam aviation.
  • Safety measures in Vietnam.
  • Meal in Vietnam
  • Life in Vietnam
  • Work in Vietnam
  • Change-of-occupation tropical disease in Vietnam
  • Comparison with a tie
  • Comparison with Laos
  • Comparison with Cambodia
  • Comparison with China
  • Comparison with South Korea
  • Comparison with Russia
  • Comparison with Malaysia
  • Comparison with Indonesia
  • Comparison with Singapore
  • Vietnam 越僑
  • People from Vietnam of an overseas
  • International marriage with the people from Vietnam
  • Dwelling in Vietnam
  • It is Vietnam and is a flower.
  • Real estate in Vietnam
  • Office in Vietnam
  • テト is celebrated in Vietnam.
  • It is Vietnam and is a notebook PC.
  • Some shopping is done in Vietnam.