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Renewal of February 12, 2009

Vietnam basic information is raised.

It is the newest information by the Japanese from local Vietnam.

The Vietnam newest state-of-a-country information

The chain of order of Vietnam changed.

The Vietnam chief secretary will visit North Korea on the 16th. For the first time in [ a half-century ]

Chief Secretary non-doc manh of Dan Congsan Vietnam pays a formal visit to North Korea from the 16th to the 18th, and it is Kim Jong-il.
(Kim Jong-il) It was decided to confer with general secretaries. The Vietnam government sources clarified on the 15th.
A visit to North Korea of this party top is for the first time in [ a half-century ] since 1957 of the Vietnam Labour Party era of past.

A visit to North Korea was realized by a golden general secretary's invitation. According to AFP etc., trade is carried on although both countries are in friendship.
Since it is almost unrelated, economic assistance etc. is expected to serve as main subjects for discussion. According to the diplomatic sources, it is North Korea.
While a core problem shows a sign of advance, for Vietnam, influence is established to expansion of the North Korea market.
It is said that there is an aim.

PRC President Nguyen minh tyet(President) of Vietnam which carried out the exclusive interview with Asahi Shimbun on the 10th is manh.
The idea which takes up a kidnap problem of Japan at the time of a visit to North Korea of the chief secretary was clarified.

( Asahi Shimbun news)

Vietnam basic information

Population of Vietnam

Vietnam Population transition for every 省, group, and area

Vietnam Income list (according to occupation)
The people committee management, the personnel, a nonfinancial company, a president and management, the personnel, and a farmer income

The Vietnam birthrate transition

Vietnam Labor force

Vietnam Literacy

Vietnam Operation organization

Vietnam A university and high school list

Price information in Vietnam
food - residence, clothing, a tax, a subincome, and ceremonies of coming of age, marriage, funeral, and ancestral worship expense

About marriage procedure with the people from Vietnam

Entrance into a country to Vietnam, departure from a country

Access to Vietnam Access from an airport to an airport

Vietnam About food

Vietnam Health situation

The Japanese acquisition level of the people from Vietnam

The area of strength of the people from Vietnam

About the foreign language acquisition heat of the people from Vietnam

National traits of the people from Vietnam

Acquisition of the Vietnam language

Vietnam basic information

Vietnam basic information
Vietnam basic information

  • Updating schedule
  • Potential capability of Vietnam.
  • Access to Vietnam.
  • Vietnam aviation.
  • Safety measures in Vietnam.
  • Meal in Vietnam
  • Life in Vietnam
  • Work in Vietnam
  • Change-of-occupation tropical disease in Vietnam
  • Comparison with a tie
  • Comparison with Laos
  • Comparison with Cambodia
  • Comparison with China
  • Comparison with South Korea
  • Comparison with Russia
  • Comparison with Malaysia
  • Comparison with Indonesia
  • Comparison with Singapore
  • Vietnam 越僑
  • People from Vietnam of an overseas
  • International marriage with the people from Vietnam
  • Dwelling in Vietnam
  • It is Vietnam and is a flower.
  • Real estate in Vietnam
  • Office in Vietnam
  • テト is celebrated in Vietnam.
  • It is Vietnam and is a notebook PC.
  • Some shopping is done in Vietnam.