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Renewal of February 12, 2009

Vietnam basic information is raised.

It is the newest information by the Japanese from local Vietnam.

Vietnam basic information

The custom of Vietnam

Handshakings are both hands!

Good is carried out and carried out and a bow is !.
Instead, both hands may be united in front of a face.

The interior of a room also 多 the house where feet with its shoes on are good, and is 。.

It is pleased with the direction which ate the food at the time of being invited firmly!

With no necessity of ranking with a procession!
You should interrupt!

Change is surely checking! Crying cannot be put in later!

Before shopping and a meal, you should surely check a price!
It is not impolite!
Misfortune comes, after being inattentive!!

When it comes out to a driveway, what comes later takes all responsibility!
In the case of a walk, he should walk slowly!
By operation of a bicycle, a motorbike, etc.
! which should pay attention to the circumference

The tip of Vietnam

It is fundamentally unnecessary.
Restaurant Unnecessary except a high-class store. Unnecessary, when the service charge is added also in a high-class store.
Hotel To a bellboy or room service, they are about 5000-10,000 bosses.
Taxi Needlessness.
A massage etc. is good at the grade which will be raised if the service avoids.
Although there may be an incomprehensible tip demand at a store etc.
It is not necessarily bad just because it did not raise, since it was the implications like "lucky when it can be given."

Manners of Vietnam

It is foundations to respect an old man and to give priority to a woman. Criticism which is concerned with the origin of the Communist Party or the government cannot be performed at a public place. It is better to take care at a place where the contents are heard by others, since it might care about whether it is asked to public peace (police) for some men. "It is "dear" and beautiful" etc. must not praise to a less than 1-year-old baby, and language must not be used. Seemingly, it will be for thinking that it is brought, and non-fate is brought to the child in the future in order that God may maintain fate and unfortunate balance, if this carries out the thought which may be praised by people when it is small. Moreover, a baby and a child are kissed and love is expressed. the parents and the relative who kisses チュチュチュ and all day long are often seen

Manners of Vietnam

Manners of Vietnam

Manners of Vietnam

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