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Renewal of February 12, 2009

Vietnam basic information is raised.

It is the newest information by the Japanese from local Vietnam.

Mail of Vietnam

[Postage] In the case of the airmail to Japan, postcard 1-sheet 0.41US(s)$ and a sealed letter are 0.62US(s)$ to 10g. Even for 1kg even of sea mail, a parcel is 14.02US(s)$ (VAT10% is not included) to 13.99US(s)$ and 500g of airmail.
Although it must be the above-mentioned charge, in a northern part or a district part, one several times the price of this is said in many cases.
Although it is kicked in and the price can also be beaten down, it is said that it may become unarrival.
I want you to carry out somehow.

[Business hours of a post office] The business hours of a post office are 7:00 - 21:00 generally, although it changes a little with each post. Usually, business is done also on Sunday.

Moreover, books, DVD-CD, etc. cannot be sent fundamentally.
Moreover, it is cautious of there being also inspection and being opened(ed). Although it is good for a part to open on that spot and to investigate
It is opened later at the time of storage, and the incidents by which contents are extracted are also occurring [ be / it ] frequently.
An important thing,
Japanese transportation company service (Nittsu, logitem, and Sagawa Express)

Vietnam basic information

Vietnam basic information
Vietnam basic information

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  • Potential capability of Vietnam.
  • Access to Vietnam.
  • Vietnam aviation.
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